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Your Association website has an interesting array of website links to help our members access some of the health and care websites available on the net.

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  Identity Theft Partnership  

In co operation with SPECIAL BENEFITS INSURANCE SERVICES, AMC will supply a ARMOUR SHIELD credit card protective sleeve to our members with your yearly billing along with our AMC newsletter.


  AMC Newsletter Volume 5  

You can view The Association of Mature Canadians newsletter Volume 5 Issue 1 by clicking the icon below. AMC World-Wide Travel Insurance / Medi-Select Advantage is now available For information just call us!



Health News

  National flu vaccine plant inspection finds 10 pro  


A recent Health Canada inspection of the country's only flu vaccine production plant identified 10 problems that need to be addressed, a report from the federal regulatory agency reveals.

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  HIV pills don't seem to encourage riskier sex  


There is more good news about HIV treatment pills used to prevent infection in people at high risk of getting the AIDS virus: Follow-up from a landmark study that proved the drug works now shows that it does not encourage risky sex and is effective even if people skip some doses.

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  Wasp-sting deaths like Quebec mayor's are rare  


The death of a Quebec mayor who was stung multiple times after stepping on a wasp nest is a tragic but cautionary tale for those who run afoul of bees or hornets other stinging insects — especially if they have a severe allergy to their venom, experts say.

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  Drowsy driving as dangerous as drunk driving, slee  

drowsy driving

A Calgary sleep expert says driving while drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving drunk.

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  $10,000-a-month cancer drug not covered in P.E.I.  

Anna Peters

A P.E.I. woman says she can't afford the cancer drug she has been prescribed, and P.E.I. is the only province in Canada that does not pay for the medicine.

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  N.S. man becomes Canada's first male doula  

Kelly Carrington

With his big, muscular hands, dreadlocks and large physique, Kelly Carrington is not surprised he doesn’t fit the mould of what people expect a doula to look like.

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