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  AMC Newsletter Volume 6  

You can view The Association of Mature Canadians newsletter Volume 6 Issue 1 by clicking the icon below. AMC World-Wide Travel Insurance / Medi-Select Advantage is now available For information just call us!


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  NEW TAB- Access Centre  

Your Association website has an interesting array of website links to help our members access some of the health and care websites available on the net.

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  SBIS Identity Theft Partnership  

In co operation with SPECIAL BENEFITS INSURANCE SERVICES, AMC will supply a ARMOUR SHIELD credit card protective sleeve to our members with your yearly billing along with our AMC newsletter.


Health News

  Insulin pump tubing may disconnect, Health Canada  

Earns Medtronic

Some insulin pump users are warned there's a risk the tubing may detach in certain sets, Health Canada says.

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  Plague outbreak in Madagascar kills 40 people sinc  

Plague bacteria

A plague outbreak in Madagascar has infected 119 people, including 40 deaths, the World Health Organization said Friday in warning about the risk of spread in the densely populated capital.

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  Young climbers may be injured as often as kids in  

Rock Climbing 20130807

Rock-climbing teens suffer about as many injuries as young ice hockey or soccer players, most often straining or spraining their hands and fingers and developing tendonitis, a new Canadian study says.

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  Want to hibernate? A long, cold sleep could have b  

Woman asleep 102115924

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could skip winter by hibernating? Humans can go into a hibernation-like state called torpor, and it has a number of potential benefits, including delayed aging, CBC's Torah Kachur reports.

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  Cuban doctor infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone a  

Switzerland Europe Ebola

A Cuban doctor who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone arrived in Switzerland for treatment and was able to walk off the transport plane, a Geneva medical official says.

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  Ebola easing in some places but rising in others,  

Switzerland Europe Ebola

The United Nations chief is warning that Ebola may be easing in parts of West Africa, but says it's still hitting hard in other areas and outpacing the international response.

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