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You can view The Association of Mature Canadians newsletter Volume 7 Issue 1 by clicking the icon below. AMC World-Wide Travel Insurance / Medi-Select Advantage is now available For information just call us!


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Did you know that about half of all cancers can be prevented? A new interactive tool from the Canadian Cancer Society can help you cut your risk.

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Your Association website has an interesting array of website links to help our members access some of the health and care websites available on the net.

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Health News

  Dementia rate fell since late 1970s in U.S. as hea  

Dementia Friendly Cities

Dementia is on the decline, according to a new analysis of health records from thousands of people in one Massachusetts town.

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  Microcephaly cases in Brazil predate Zika virus ou  


Large numbers of babies with borderline normal heads were born Brazil as far back as 2012, two years before the Zika virus is thought to have entered the country, say researchers searching for answers to urgent questions.

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  First Nation students suffering from PTSD, school  

Dennis Franklin Cromarty First Nations High School

Many First Nation teenagers who leave home to come to Thunder Bay, Ont., for high school are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a high school nurse in the city.

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  Unique mental health team in Quebec City treats ps  

Tina-Maria Sirois TIBD mental health

A psychiatric team in Quebec City that pays home visits to patients in acute psychotic crisis up to four times a day finds the program works for the patients - and saves the health care system a bundle, too.

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  Generic drug price gouging in Canada 'hard to cele  

Pharmacare 20141005

There’s nearly a 20 per cent gap between generic drug prices in Canada and foreign markets, according to a new report on what one expert calls gouging.

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  Zika virus linked to 'vision-threatening lesions'  

Brazil Zika Virus

Babies born with microcephaly in Brazil may have vision-threatening lesions in their eyes, say doctors investigating the country’s Zika virus outbreak.

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