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  Ontario Making Hospital Parking Affordab  

“Parking fees should never be a barrier for patients when they go to the hospital. With today’s announcement, we are providing relief from the high cost of parking at some hospitals in Ontario. By making parking more affordable for patients and their loved ones who visit the hospital often, we are helping to reduce the burden of parking fees and putting patients first.” Dr. Eric Hoskins Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

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  AMC Newsletter  

You can view The Association of Mature Canadians newsletter Volume 7 Issue 1 by clicking the icon below. AMC World-Wide Travel Insurance / Medi-Select Advantage is now available For information just call us!


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Did you know that about half of all cancers can be prevented? A new interactive tool from the Canadian Cancer Society can help you cut your risk.

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  NEW TAB- Access Centre  

Your Association website has an interesting array of website links to help our members access some of the health and care websites available on the net.

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Health News

  Scientist break record for growing embryos outside  

Human embryo

New lab techniques have provided the first good look at a crucial but mysterious stage in the development of human embryos, by allowing scientists to grow embryos in a petri dish for a week longer than was ever possible before.

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  Face transplant not in jeopardy for chimp attack v  

Chimp Attack-Face Transplant

The Connecticut woman who underwent a face transplant five years ago after being attacked by a chimpanzee is back in a Boston hospital after doctors discovered her body is rejecting the transplant.

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  Medical errors may be 3rd leading cause of death i  

Surgery photo

Medical errors are underestimated and could be the third leading cause of death in the U.S., say doctors calling for more transparency internationally.

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  Wildfire health hazards and how to mitigate them  

fire as seen behind Fort McMurray hospital

The smoke from wildfires can affect our health, ranging from eye irritations to chest pain and shortness of breath in people with heart or lung disease. Here are some suggestions from health officials to prevent and manage the risk.

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  'This is going to take some time': Earls pledges t  

Earls president Mo Jessa

The Canadian restaurant chain Earls plans to bring back Alberta beef, revisiting a controversial decision to get its meat exclusively from a U.S. supplier that specializes in humanely raised and slaughtered cattle.

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  Most effective syphilis drug rationed as infection  

Syphilis Outbreak-Things To Know

A shortage of the most effective drug for syphilis at the same time the infection is on the rise in Canada is raising concerns for doctors and public health officials.

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Ontario Making Hospital Parking Affordab
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